[Cub's First Toy]

Questa missione è stata segnata come obsoleta da Blizzard e non può essere ottenuta o completata.
[Obtain a Tough Yeti Hide from any Ice Thistle Yeti and 5 Wildkin feathers. Combine them to make a Winterspring Cat Toy and use it to play with your Winterspring Cub.]
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[The Winterspring cub plays with a small tuft of fur from a large animal, batting the discarded hair about. While your cub looks like it's enjoying the new game, you wonder if it might get more enjoyment from a proper cat toy.

With a little bit of leather from a yeti pelt and some feathers from crazed moonkin, you could make a respectable toy. You'll need a hide from the yeti in the Ice Thistle Hills southeast of Everlook and feathers from the moonkin at the Hidden Grove or Owl Wing Thicket.]



Vibrisse di Cucciolo di Fiera Glaciale Giocattolo per Fiere Glaciali
Pelliccia Resistente di Yeti


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