Tools of the Trade

Questa missione è stata segnata come obsoleta da Blizzard e non può essere ottenuta o completata.
Find the Dalaran Status Report and return it to Mennet Carkad in the Rogues' Quarter of the Undercity.
Rapporto sulla Situazione di Dalaran


The wizards of the Kirin Tor at Ambermill have stored away important documents pertaining to the current state of Dalaran. This we know from the admissions of one of our prisoners. Lord Varimathras has placed the duty of recovering them in the hands of the Deathstalkers.

This task falls to you, <name>. You will need some equipment, however, and the knowledge of lockpicking. Speak with Estelle Gendry, our outfitter, and ask her for a set of tools before you set out.


Al completamento di questa missione otterrai:

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