The Tome of Divinity

Questa missione è stata segnata come obsoleta da Blizzard e non può essere ottenuta o completata.
Retrieve a Defias Script from the Defias Rogue Wizards in Elwynn, and return to Gazin Tenorm in Stormwind.
Documento dei Defias


We'll have time to talk more about the Symbol at a later time. What's important now is to get those papers we saw the Defias going over. If we can get our hands on them, we'll be able to prove the Defias have infiltrated Elwynn and hopefully gain some insight into what their plans are.

I'm in no shape for battle as of now, <name>. Do you think you're strong enough to get those papers from the Defias here on the island?

If you're able to get them, bring them back to Gazin and let him know I'm all right.


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