The Defias Brotherhood

Questa missione è stata segnata come obsoleta da Blizzard e non può essere ottenuta o completata.
Escort the Defias Traitor to the secret hideout of the Defias Brotherhood. Once the Defias Traitor shows you where VanCleef and his men are hiding out, return to Gryan Stoutmantle with the information.


Escort The Defias Traitor to discover where VanCleef is hiding


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So Stoutmantle sends a scrawny <race> like you to protect me? Guess you'll have to do. Better bring some friends too.

You know the deal, right? You watch my back and I'll take you to the Defias hideout. But you better be close by my side. The Defias gang wants my head now. If they see me with you, they'll try to kill me.

Let me know when you and any friends you can round up are ready to go.



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